La Migration de l'ancien mods

Migration of old mods
Finally we decided to add a compact guide to migrate your models from the old version to the new version of SpinTires.

Mesh files

  • Attribute name CombineXMesh/Material/Mesh is changed to CombineXMesh/Material/MeshParts.
  • Attribute name CombineXMesh/Material/AlbedoMap is changed to CombineXMesh/Material/DiffuseMap.
  • Attribute name CombineXMesh/Material/AlbedoMultiplier is changed to CombineXMesh/Material/DiffuseMultiplier.
  • CombineXMesh/Material/Type is removed, the reflectivity of the model now describes only by specular map. SFX models for transparent objects (e.g. light rays) now use IsSfx="true".


  • TruckWheel/Mesh defining mesh files now contains no exceptions.
  • TruckWheel/TrackTexture renamed to TruckWheel/Tracks and now specified one of track types. Type of truck described by a set of textures Media\textures\tracks.
  • Attributes TruckWheel/Mass and TruckWheel/Friction is now an enumeration instead of numerical.
  • Attributes TruckWheel/Softness/ForceScale and TruckWheel/Softness/MaxAccel replaced by enumeration TruckWheel/Softness


  • Changed the parameterization of the suspension hardpoints: Truck/Wheels/Wheel/Hardpoint changed to Truck/Wheels/Wheel/HardpointX, Truck/Wheels/HardpointDefaultY, Truck/Wheels/HardpointDefaultZ. Also been added the Truck/Wheels/Wheel/RightSide (describes the operation of the side wheels) Truck/Wheels/Wheel/HardpointY (for wheels of different height) and Truck/Wheels/Wheel/HardpointZ (for wheels of different widths).
  • Attribute name Truck/Wheels/Wheel/Suspension/MinLimit is changed to Truck/Wheels/Wheel/SuspensionMin.
  • Attribute name Truck/Wheels/Wheel/Suspension/Strength is changed to Truck/Wheels/Wheel/SuspensionStrength.
  • Attribute name Truck/Wheels/Wheel/Steering/Castor is changed to Truck/Wheels/Wheel/SteeringCastor.
  • Changed the parameterization of the engine: Truck/VehicleConstraint is replaced with Truck/TruckData/Motor.
  • Set a global template for Truck/TruckData/Sound now, also, changes (and the name of the branch changed to Sounds).
  • Attribute name Truck/TruckData/Sound/Offset is changed to Truck/TruckData/Sounds/Origin.
  • Parametrization OcclusionVolume FullOcclusion and OcclusionMap changed to: Truck/TruckData/OcclusionVolume/Size, Truck/TruckData/OcclusionVolume/Offset is replaced with Truck/TruckData/OcclusionVolume/HalfSizeZ, Truck/TruckData/OcclusionVolume/MinX and Truck/TruckData/OcclusionVolume/MaxX.
  • Truck/TruckData/Damage/SensationOrigin and Truck/TruckData/Damage/SensationSize are replaced with Truck/TruckData/Damage/SensationMin and Truck/TruckData/Damage/SensationMax respectively.
  • The Offset to Truck/TruckData/ModelAttachments, Truck/TruckData/HeadLight and Truck/TruckData/WinchSocket renamed Pos.
Some built-in classes are now named differently, so rename the references to them accordingly.

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 2016-04-01 16:30:59

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